WAKO North American Open. 
Las Vegas, Nevada
What happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas as our students and instructors came back with plenty of Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. This was a Junior qualifier for WAKO USA, meaning winners in the junior black belt division qualified to compete for Team USA at WAKO's World Championships in Italy. Both Alexandra and Cole won their black belt divisions as well as their intermediate divisions.

Sensei Martin: Gold - Executive Men's Teams Sparring (League of Angels- Ron Pohnel and Bill Hunter) 
Sensei MJ: Gold - Under 63kg Sparring, Bronze - Under 70kg Sparring
Sensei Tyler: Bronze - Super Heavy Weight Sparring 
Kennedy: Bronze - Black Belt Sparring, Gold - Intermediate Sparring, Gold - Traditional Kata 
Cole: Gold - Black Belt Sparring, Gold - Intermediate Sparring 
Diego: Silver - Continuous Sparring, Bronze - Black Belt Sparring, Silver - Intermediate Sparring 
Maximo: Bronze - Black Belt Sparring, Gold - Intermediate Sparring, Gold - Traditional Kata
Alexandra: Gold - Black Belt Sparring, Gold - Intermediate Sparring, Silver - Traditional Kata 
Ty: Silver - Intermediate Sparring.
Sensei MJ on Fighters-Inc.com
​Check out our very own Sensei MJ on http://www.fighters-inc.com/ modeling the latest Top Ten uniforms.
Amba Martial Arts on SportMartialArts.com
SportMartialArts.com is the premier Sports Martial Arts media group in the martial arts industry. We're proud to have some of our instructors and students featured.
League of Angels Hawaiian Islands Martial Arts Tournament
Oahu, Hawaii
in between Shark Adventures, swimming with dolphins, luaus, snorkeling, beaches, shave ice, amazing food, ziplining, Jack Felton's sparring seminar, we found some time to compete.
Team Fights -
MJ and Jack Felton, 1st Men's Team Sparring
Jaden and Jacob, 1st Mainlanders vs Hawaii Little Kids
Oscar J, Cole, Alexy, Jonathan Pallen, 1st Mainlanders vs Hawaii Big Kids
Individuals - 
Martin, 2nd 50+ Sparring
MJ, 1st 18+ Lightweight Sparring, Grand Champion Finalist
Tyler, 1st 18+ Heavyweight Sparring, 2nd 30+ Sparring, 3rd 30+ Kata
Jasmine, 1st Women's Sparring
Laura, 2nd Women's Sparring
Cole, 2nd 14-15 Sparring, 3rd 12-13 Sparring, 1st Kata
Alexy, 1st Sparring, 3rd Kata
Oscar J, 1st Sparring
Jaden, 1st Sparring, 1st Kata
Jacob, 1st Sparring, 1st Kata
The League World Finals
Reno, Nevada
Nevada Competitor of the Year: Jaden
All League, All Star: Kennedy and Maximo 
9 First Place Diamond Rings, 12 Silver Medals, 8 Bronze Medals
Kennedy, Grand Champion and 1stTraditional Kata, 1st Sparring
Luis, 3rd Sparring
Maximo, Grand Champion and 1st Traditional Kata, 2nd Sparring
Alexandra, 2nd Traditional Kata, 2nd Sparring
Cole, 2nd Traditional Kata, 1st Sparring
Ty, 3rd Traditional Kata
Jasmine: 2nd Sparring
Jaden: 3rd Traditional Kata, 1st Sparring
Jacob, 2nd Traditional Kata, 2nd Sparring
Lily: 1st Sparring
Oscar J: 3rd Traditional Kata, 2nd Sparring
Miriam: 2nd Traditional Kata, 1st Sparring
Lara, 2nd Sparring
Jaasai, 3rd Traditional Kata, 3rd Sparring
Joe, 2nd Traditional Kata, 2nd Sparring
Caylie 3rd Sparring
Gabriel: 1st Sparring
Romeo: 3rd Traditional Kata, 1st Sparring
Photo Credit: 
Neil Lockhart Photography, E. Cummings Photography
2017 NASKA 
Awards Banquet
Featured at NASKA's AKA Warrior tournament in Chicago was the 2017 NASKA Awards Banquet. 

Amba Martial Arts instructors Sensei Martin and Sensei Tyler along with teammates, Bill Hunter and Mirek Sobotka, came away with a world title award in the Senior Men's Team division. 

Thanks to Ron Pohnel, Charl Oka, our League of Angels teammates, and our sponsor, Fighter's Inc.
Jack Felton Iceman Insight Training Seminar
Our instructors and students had an amazing time learning and training with one of the all time greats, Jack "Iceman" Felton. 

Thanks to Larry Garcia, Sean Dumlao, Paul Montenegro and Rick Lauk for supporting our event.
Eruption Martial Arts Championships
San Jose, California
Cole was our lone representative at The League's Eruption Martial Arts Championships in San Jose, California. He represented his dojo well, winning firsts in Kenpo Form, Traditional Kata and Sparring.
Prime Performance Player of the Month
By virtue of his three first place victories at the Eruption Martial Arts Championships, Cole was a recipient of The League's prestigious Prime Performance Players of the Month.