BC Open
Vancouver British Columbia, Canada
Always a great tournament, it was an honor to have 5 of our Amba Martial Arts instructors and students to make the trip to Vancouver British Columbia to represent Team USA against Canada. 
Team USA vs Team Canada Sparring: Team USA Wins
Sensei MJ: 1st and Grand Champion Sparring, 1st 3-Man Team Sparring (with Jack Felton and Sukwinder Manhas)
Instructor Cole: 1st Advanced Sparring, 1st Blackbelt Sparring
Alexandra: 1st Sparring, 4th Kata
Lara: 1st Sparring, 3rd Kata
Battle of Atlanta
Atlanta, GA
One of the most prestigious Sport Martial Arts tournaments in North America, Sensei MJ and Instructor Cole represented Amba Martial Arts and League of Angels at this "fighters paradise." Although Cole didn't place, he got some great experience against some of the very best in the world. MJ was able to break through and take first place in his lightweight sparring division. 

LOA had some great wins over the two-day Atlanta tournament. Thanks to our LOA teammates and coaches and Fighters-Inc. for their ongoing support.
WKU World Championships
Bregenz, Austria
Head Instructor of the Amba Martial Arts Tournament Team and League of Angels member, Sensei MJ, has the distinct honor of representing the USA in Austria in October at the week-long, world wide WKU World Championships. Hand selected for the team, it's an incredible opportunity that not many martial arts receive, much less a martial artist from the Reno area. 
Western States Nationals
Clayton, CA

Total Awards:
17 First Places, 14 Second Places, 9 Third Places 

4 Grand Champions
Jaden - Sparring and Kata
Joe - Sparring
Ty - Sparring

WAKO Sparring: Cole - 1st, Alexandra - 1st Maximo - 2nd

Hawaiian Islands Martial Arts Tournament
Oahu, HI

If you're going to a tournament, why not go to the place they call paradise? That's just what we did.

3 Grand Champions (Ms. Jasmine, Lily, Jacob)
9 First Places 
7 Second Places 
5 Third Places