2017 NASKA 
Awards Banquet
Featured at NASKA's AKA Warrior tournament in Chicago was the 2018 NASKA Awards Banquet. 

Amba Martial Arts instructors Sensei Martin and Sensei Tyler along with teammates, Bill Hunter and Mirek Sobotka, came away with a world title award in the Senior Men's Team division. 

Thanks to Ron Pohnel, Charl Oka, our League of Angels teammates, and our sponsor, Fighter's Inc.
BC Open Martial Arts Championships (Team USA vs Team Canada) 
Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

Team USA Juniors, Gold, Team USA, Adult, Gold

MJ Amba, Sparring - Gold and Grand Champion Finalist

Kennedy Cartagena, Forms, Gold and Grand Champion, Advanced Belt Sparring, 
Gold Black Belt Sparring, Bronze and Blood Rule Disqualification

Maximo Torres, Advanced Belt Sparring, Silver, Black Belt Sparring, Gold

Cole Brandon, Forms, Gold, Advanced Belt Sparring, Gold, Black Belt Sparring, Silver

Diego Trigilio, Forms, Silver, Intermediate Sparring, Gold, Black Belt Sparring, Gold
Goju-Shorei Third Degree Promotion
Sensei Martin and Sensei MJ were honored their third degree black belts. As a distinct honor, Sensei Martin was always named Assistant Director of Goju-Shorei Karate. Thanks to Soke Dave McNeill, Master Larry Kooyman, Master Ken Mammen and Goju-Shorei Systems.
Family First Martial Arts Seminar
Franklin, Tennessee
Sensei Martin and Instructor Joji had an amazing time sharing sparring drills, conditioning and techniques with the instructors and students of Family First Martial Arts. Franklin is right outside of Nashville, Tennessee, which made this seminar even more enjoyable as they both took in the sites and sounds of Nashville. Our sincere thanks to Larry and Dani Kooyman for the excellent heartland hospitality.
Summer Belt Test
One of our very best tests, it was great to see the testers focused and prepared to move forward. Thanks to our ukes for all of their help and all of the family and friends who came to support their efforts.

Little Tigers:
Brown Stripe: Israel
Green Stripe: Colton
Purple Stripe: Isabella, Owen
Orange Stripe: Titus, Matthew, Marie, Oly, Brayden

Goju-Shorei Karate:
Green: Ty
Purple: Lindsey, Jaasai, Oscar, Andrew
Orange: Sophie, Arina
Yellow: Allison, Aiden, Tyler, Liam, Nadia, Walker, Cayden, Cain