NASKA Compete Internationals 
Los Angeles, CA, February '22

Amba Martial Arts instructors and students made the trip to Los Angeles to compete at the most prestigious, open martial arts tournament on the West Coast. Over 1,000 competitors in attendance, there were world class competitors from all over the world.

Sensei Martin: 1st Executive Team Fighting
Jaden: 1st Sparring; 2nd Traditional Kata
Melia: 1st Sparring; 1st Traditional Kata
Veronika: 1st Sparring; 3rd Traditional Kata
Jacob: 1st Sparring; 1st Traditional Kata

AAU Taekwondo Nationals
Las Vegas, NV, July '22

Our first time competing in a taekwondo tournament also happened to be the largest tournament we've ever experienced, 3,500 competitors at the week-long national tournament. Despite our first time competing in taekwondo, we came away with some great results. Eight competitors, seven first places, and six grand champions. And, despite our small group, we finished third overall in point sparring. Congratulations to Lily for winning her black belt division and making it onto the AAU Taekwondo National Point Sparring Team. 
The LEAGUE NKD National Challenge
Pittsburg, CA

9 Grand Champions, 27 First Places, 11 Second Places, 2 Third Places 
Grand Champions:
Khyle Dayao (Traditional Kata and Creative Forms)
Cole Brandon (Sparring)
Jennifer “Lily” Navarrete (Sparring)
Jayden Cartagena (Sparring)
Jaden Axe (Sparring)
Veronika Pasko (Sparring)
Mason Chaidez (Sparring)
Noah Cartagena (Sparring)
WKU World Championships
Cardiff, Wales United Kingdom

13 Medals out of 18 Divisions entered
8 Gold Medals, 1 Silver Medal, 4 Bronze Medals

A true world championship with 22 different countries, over 2,000 competitors

NASKA AKA Warrior Cup
Chicago, IL

Brought Lily to her first NASKA tournament, just happened to be one of the most competitive ones in the country. Over 1,300 highly skilled competitors all vying for an AKA Warrior Cup title. Since she won AAU Taekwondo Nationals in 2022, she was sponsored by AAU to compete at this tournament. She didn't disappoint, gold in 14-15 black belt sparring and grand champion. 

Sensei Joji Receives Multiple Awards

Two weekends, two awards for Joji Raguini Amba. Two weekends ago, she received the Indomitable Spirit Award from Grandmaster Katherine Wieczerza and AAU Taekwondo at the NASKA AKA Warrior Cup martial arts tournament in Chicago, Illinois. This past weekend, she received a Commitment to Excellence Award from Theresa Kattengell at her martial arts tournament, The League's It's a Revolution in San Jose, California.
Guido's Spring Showdown
Fresno, CA

Made the 5-hour drive, despite the fear of snow
storms over the Lake Tahoe summit. The drive was clear, the competition was fierce, and the awards were plentiful. Congratulations to the students who competed and thanks to the instructors and parents who supported them.

Grand Champions: 4
1st Places: 16, 2nd Places: 7, 3rd Places: 5