WKU World Championships
Bregenz, Austria
Sensei MJ represented WKU Team USA in Bregenz, Austria. He fell short of his goal of bringing home a gold medal, but he did win a bronze medal. Thanks to WKU America President, Lori Stanley and Team Captain, Kevin Walker for believing in him and all of the support from his WKU USA teammates. Special thanks to our Amba Martial Arts dojo family, as well as Charl Oka, Ron Pohnel, Jack Felton, and Fighters-Inc. for their ongoing support.
Hawaiian Islands Martial Arts Tournament
Oahu, HI

If you're going to a tournament, why not go to the place they call paradise? That's just what we did.
It was an amazing time snorkeling, sightseeing, jumping into the shark cage, and enjoying all of the local food and beaches.

3 Grand Champions (Ms. Jasmine, Lily, Jacob)
9 First Places 
7 Second Places 
5 Third Places
The League's World League Finals
Reno, NV
37 Total Medals, 3 Royal Crowns
League Adult Sparring MVP: Sensei MJ
League NV Conference Competitor of the Year: Jaden
All League All Star: Cole, Joe, Jennifer, Alexandra, Arianna
All League All Star Honorable Mention: 
Kennedy, Veronika, Israel, Melia, Bailee, Jaden, Jacob
Royal Crowns: Maximo (2), Alexandra 

Gold Medal and the Jeweled Rings: 12 
Silver Medals: 15 
Bronze Medals: 10
League of Angels Adds Amba Students to Team
Congratulations to our students, Maximo and Alexandra, on their addition to League of Angels. We’re so very proud of them and also proud to have 9 Fighters Inc sponsored sport martial artists training at our dojo. 

Both Maximo and Alexandra have won numerous championships throughout the United States and Canada in kata and sparring.

Our sincere thanks to Charl Oka, Ron Pohnel, Mirek Sobotka and Jack Felton for this incredible opportunity.
 WKU Pan American Games
Houston, Texas

Competitors came from Venezuela, Mexico, England, Germany and throughout the United States.

All five of our Amba Martial Arts students vying for a spot to represent WKU USA at the WKU World Championships in Quebec, Canada, won gold and qualified. Not bad for our first tournament of the year.

Alexandra came up big and qualified in two divisions, traditional forms and point fighting. Oscar aka Mocha J, one of our intermediate belts, competed in black belt for the very first time and took gold in point fighting. None of our students are black belts yet. To qualify for the world championships, the students had to compete in black belt divisions. Jaasai just came along to hang out with the team and provide moral support. We told him if he’s coming, he’s competing. He competed and took gold in the intermediate division.