Hawaiian Islands Martial Arts Tournament
Oahu, Hawaii

We had some tough competition as we faced martial artists from the islands, as well as competitors from Canada, Texas, Mexico, and California. Although everyone did well, Lindsey was our shining star as she won every division she competed in, winning two grands (one for girls sparring and one for women's sparring) and three first places.
Sensei MJ 1st Middleweight Sparring 
Jasmine 2nd Sparring 
Kennedy 3rd Sparring, 1st Kata 
Lindsey 1st and Grand Champion 17 and Under Sparring , 1st and Grand Champion Adult Sparring, 1st Kata 
Maximo 3rd 14-15 Sparring, 3rd 16-17 Sparring, 3rd Kata
Alexandra 1st and Grand Champion Sparring, 1st Kata 
Cole 1st and Grand Champion 13 and Under Sparring, 1st 14-15 Sparring 
Oscar 3rd Sparring 
Jaden 1st Sparring, 1st Kata 
Jacob 1st 5 and Under Sparring, 3rd 6-7 Sparring, 1st Kata
California State Championships
Clayton, California 

Fresh from our great tournament results in Hawaii, our Goju-Shorei Karate dojo made its way across the summit to California for The League's California State Championships. Ironically, this Reno, Nevada school brought back plenty of California State titles: 2 Grand Champions, 24 firsts, 10 seconds, and 6 thirds.
Jacob: 1st Sparring, 1st Traditional Kata 
Jaden: 3rd Sparring, 2nd Traditional Kata 
Bailee: 2nd Sparring, 1st Traditional Kata 
Lily: 2nd Sparring, 2nd Traditional Kata 
Israel: 1st Sparring, 2nd Traditional Kata 
Isaac: 1st Sparring
Joe: 1st Sparring, 2nd Continuous Sparring, 3rd Traditional Kata, 1st Kenpo Form
Arianna: 2nd Sparring, 1st Traditional Kata 
Oscar: 1st Sparring, 1st Traditional Kata 
Cole: 1st Sparring, 1st Traditional Kata, 1st Kenpo Form
Kennedy: 2nd Sparring, 3rd Traditional Kata 
Maximo: 1st Sparring, 1st Traditional Kata 
Alexandra: 1st Sparring, 3rd Traditional Kata
Jayden: 3rd Traditional Kata 
Harlen: 2nd Sparring, 3rd Traditional Kata
Jaasai: 1st Sparring, 1st Traditional Kata 
Ty: 1st Sparring 
Melia: 1st and Grand Champion Sparring, 2nd Traditional Kata
Veronika: 1st and Grand Champion Sparring, 1st Traditional Kata 
Charlie: 1st Sparring, 1st Traditional Kata
Diamond Nationals
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis is known for certain things, Prince, Mall of America, the Twins, and as far as martial arts, Diamond Nationals World Karate Championships. 
Unfortunately, due to a broken toe, Sensei MJ couldn't compete so he came out and supported his old man as I brushed the dust off and competed, took third. Great times hanging with Ron Pohnel, Charl Oka, and the rest of our League of Angels teammates, Coach Jack Felton, Team Allstars, and our martial arts friends. Thanks to Fighters-Inc. for all of their support. 
World League Finals Results
Reno, NV

Always a highlight for our Goju-Shorei students, this particular event was even more special as not only were we named Dojo of the Year, but some of our students (Kennedy, Maximo, Cole, Oscar, Ty, Jaasai, Dominic) also teamed up with Dumlao's Martial Arts to perform a haka during the Closing Ceremonies. The competition just seems to get tougher and tougher every year. This one was definitely the toughest, which was a great test for us. Yet, we still managed to pull out more than our share of first place diamond rings.

Dojo of the Year: Amba Martial Arts 
Nevada Competitor of the Year: Kennedy 
All League, Allstar: Cole, Alexandra, Jacob 
15 Diamond Ring First Place World Titles
20 Silver Second Places 
10 Bronze Third Places
Second Brown Belt Test

Congratulations to Kennedy, Maximo, Cole, and Alexandra on receiving their Second Brown Belt in Goju-Shorei Karate. They endured three-and-a-half hours of open hand and knife self defense techniques, kata, and 1-on-1, 2-on-1, 3-on-1 and 4-on-1 sparring. A bloody nose and a few bumps and bruises aside, they all came away in good spirits and their new belts. 

Our sincere thanks to Director of Goju-Shorei Karate, Master Ken Mammen, as well as Sensei Larry Garcia and Sensei Jose Chinas for joining Sensei MJ and I on the testing panel. 

Special thanks to our ukes, Lily, Jaasai, Oscar, Joe, and Jibo, as well as all of the friends and family who came out to support the testers.