Working Stiffs Productions Film
October '21

Amba Martial Arts' Adrenaline Stunt Performance got its first gig, Working Stiffs. A mokumentary
comedy about 5 actors who make a living playing dead. 

Adrenaline instructors, MJ and Kennedy, as well as Adrenaline students, Nicolas and Ty were cast as Ninjas. 
NASKA AKA Warrior Cup 
Chicago, IL, January '22

Sensei Martin, AAU Senior 
National Coach, and Sensei MJ, Western Regional Coach, flew to Chicago 
to coach the AAU Taekwondo National Pointsparring Team.

One of the most prestigious tournaments in North America, the AAU Warrior Cup always brings in top national competitors from all over the United States. All in all, a good showing for the team, as they won 27 total awards. 
NASKA Compete Internationals 
Los Angeles, CA, February '22

Amba Martial Arts instructors and students made the trip to Los Angeles to compete at the most prestigious, open martial arts tournament on the West Coast. Over 1,000 competitors in attendance, there were world class competitors from all over the world.

Sensei Martin: 1st Executive Team Fighting
Jaden: 1st Sparring; 2nd Traditional Kata
Melia: 1st Sparring; 1st Traditional Kata
Veronika: 1st Sparring; 3rd Traditional Kata
Jacob: 1st Sparring; 1st Traditional Kata

Blue Power Ranger Surprise Visit
March '22

Out-of-the-blue, we had a visitor at Amba Martial Arts. It was none other than the Blue Power Ranger, Jasmeet Baduwalia. It was a great Mighty Morphin time.
The League Unity Championships 
Clayton, CA, April '22

Competition was fierce at Sean Dumlao's Unity Championships as competitors came from all over the West Coast to compete and support him. Every ring was packed with high-level competition. 
1 Grand Champion, 12 Firsts , 10 Seconds, 10 Thirds
WKU USA Nationals & Team Trials
Evansville, IN, April '22

19 different states all vying for spots to represent the USA at the WKU World Championships in Wales, UK. All 4 students qualified, joining 6 other Amba Martial Arts who have already qualified.  
Results: 7 Gold Medals
AAU Taekwondo Nationals
Las Vegas, NV, July '22

Our first time competing in a taekwondo tournament also happened to be the largest tournament we've ever experienced, 3,500 competitors at the week-long national tournament. Despite our first time competing in taekwondo, we came away with some great results. Eight competitors, seven first places, and six grand champions. And, despite our small group, we finished third overall in point sparring. Congratulations to Lily for winning her black belt division and making it onto the AAU Taekwondo National Point Sparring Team.